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              Founder Mr. CHEN, YONG-JIAN established South Asia Chemicals and Feeds Ltd. in 1953.
With the excellent products quality and genuine services, we have become one of the most valued company
in Taiwan’s Animal Health Pharmaceutical Industry over more than sixty years.    

              Now our products network spans the globe stretching from Japan, from South Asia such as,
Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines to Europe, North America and the Middle East. Also, we OEM
Italian famous brand Dox-al Italia and Taiwan’s listed company, Panion &BF Biotech Inc. Products includes
antibiotics, injectable antibiotics, vitamin and mineral supplement feed, anthelmintics, and other preparations.
Over 200 national licenses include MIT Quality Assurance. In addition, our company is expanding our factories,
systems and equipment in order to qualify with the GMP regulations, and with an optimistic perspective,
we will join the cGMP group in the next few years. 

             Just as South Asia Chemicals and Feeds Ltd’s commitment to exemplary advanced medical and
health products quality, innovative products research and service standards has earned honors and
recognition from the Taiwan’s Animal Health Pharmaceutical Industry and the customers worldwide.
And we shale continue our devotion to animal health care and customers’ needs.